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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  June 13, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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next three hours, we give you a chance to share your thoughts on thewe will give youn the investigation. "washington journal." --"washington journal," is next. the flag over the u.s. capitol is at half staff this morning, along with flags across the country as the nation mourns the victims of an early morning a florida gayy at club that left 50 people dead and 53 more injured. attacked by u.s. man who reportedly pledged allegiance to the islamic state, it goes down as the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. we will spend all three hours of the program today getting your reaction to the tragedy of the pulse nightclub innovative. a special line for lando residents.-- orlando
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call (202) 748-8000. members of the lgbt community, others,2) 748-8001, all call (202) 748-8002. killer, theto the motivation, and the weapons. but first, the victims of the tragedy of the pulse nightclub. 21 have been named so far, 50 dead. , as family orlando members have been notified, has been posting the names of those killed at the pulse nightclub strategy. your the 21 who have been named so far. [reading names]
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edward sotomayor jr., 34 years old. stanley almodovar iii, 23 years old. luis omar ocasio-capo, 20 years old. juan ramon guerrero, 22 years old. eric ivan ortiz-rivera, 36 years old. peter o. gonzalez-cruz, 22 years old. luis s. vielma, 22 years old. kimberly morris, 37 years old. eddie jamoldroy justice, 30 years old. darryl roman burt ii, 29 years jean carlos mendez perez, 35 years old. amanda alvear, 25 years old. martin benitez torres, 33 years old. luis daniel wilson-leon, 37 years old. mercedez marisol flores, 26 years old.
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xavier emmanuel serrano rosado, 35 years old. gilberto ramon silva menendez, 25 years old. simon adrian carrillo fernandez, 31 years old. oscar a aracena-montero, 26 years old. we are spending all three hours of the program this morning getting your reaction to the worst mass shooting in u.s. history taking place in orlando, florida. of the front pages from florida newspapers out this morning. tampa bay times this morning, the headline -- the worst mass shooting u.s. history. front page of the daily son in this is an attack on america, on all of us. the world moore's the deadliest mass shooting u.s. history. front page of the "tallahassee ourning together.
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the, our community will heal. front page of the daily news of northwest florida, the quote from one of the victims -- there is blood everywhere. ,ront page of the miami herald work of hate. 50 killed, 53 heard in america's worst mass shooting. we will show you more newspapers from around the country. those were just from florida. this is the front page from usa today, talking about the attacker in that shooting that took place at the pulse nightclub, noting that federal authorities identified the shooter as omar mateen, 29 years old, in new york or in resident of force peers -- fort pierce florida. he died in that attack. allusions to the islamic state connector medication with law enforcement authority was killed by police. agents had investigated my teen -- mateen, but lack sufficient
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evidence to pursue charges. we are getting your thoughts on that tragedy. phone lines will be open for the next three hours on the "washington journal." robertson first in waldorf, maryland. caller: the federal government thed the american -- failed american people. they have plenty of notice and did nothing to get this guy into custody. congress needs to act and allow the american people to arm themselves, to carry openly. freely. with no penalty. we are come as a people, being attacked. the people are being attacked. we need the legal right to carry a side arm, a weapon. we are at war. people decideican to make a deterrent for these guys that want to come out here
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and be lone wolves, the american people need to take the families of these guys and burn their houses. then they will then have a , the next time they will think will the american people come burn my family out of their house? they need to burn this guys father's house down. host: we're going to go to and in woodbridge, virginia. caller: there is a perfect example of what we need to do about people who have mental health. my comment is i saw the show ak-47s,about ar-15's, and they have no purpose to what it was used for. to kill people. and to carry magazines -- think about this. he shot one third of the people that were in that club with one weapon.
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he had to do load that weapon at least three or four times to do what he did. why do we allow this? any rational human being that thinks weapons are designed for anything but this -- having one the range and shooting holes in paper is not what they are designed for. they are designed to kill. ourselves -- that guy who just called in, i can't believe that the 300 people that were in that club, there was nobody that had a weapon that could have drawn down on that guy. he is not going to in that situation. you need to get these guns out of here. we need to stop this by eliminating the guns. look at the killings. think about this. those poor little kids and sandy hook, c-span had a video of the shooting. and the sound of that weapon going off -- think of those poor little kids in sandy hook who heard that in their school this
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morning. some wacko got their hands on a gun. if you look at the people have gotten these guns -- this guy bought it legally. the kid in sandy hook, his mother bought that gun in the united states, through retailer, legally. even though the terrorists in california obtained the gun -- they gave in to the terrorists. host: there is a lot to learn about what happened in the background of this attacker. you talk with the guns were purchased, this is the abc news reporting on the guns and omar mateen used at the shooting in the pulse nightclub. illegally purchased the guns the he had on him within past week, even though he had been known to law enforcement for years, federal officials confirmed to abc news the law-enforcement sources told abc news he had at 223 caliber ar
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type rifle and a glock handgun out the time of the shooting early on sunday morning. he says he bought legally. purchasese legal determined that he had been interviewed three times up to the shooting. his name came up with two different cases. such a permission would not show up in a background check because both cases were closed. law enforcement sources confirm that mateen was on the radar, but not as early on the watchlist. himould not have prevented from gaining weapons. charlene, you are on "washington journal." caller: thank you for taking my call. the first caller this morning is somewhat outrageous. it has to be a little bit of caution on the part of c-span, allowing something like that to air this type of ideas.
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that's feeling more violence and to the american public, and i think that's wrong. burning peoples's houses down, we have to cut that conversation off. my reason for calling today is i struggle with the fact that we don't put enough focus on the actual cost of these incidents. there are people in our country that guns, -- i think we have but ight to carry a gun, think the definition of insanity is allowing these types of guns available for purchase in our country. to me, it's just crazy. that someone can walk into the in to the nightclub and do what they did.
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the cost of these incidents, and andmany of these incidents, how many tens of millions of dollars, either the families which are involved with all how maydical expenses, people won't be able to work , the cost of the police and fbi never when coming in to deal with this terrible situation. one incident, one person, one now it's costing americans tens of millions of dollars. is i don't understand. we are walking blindly down a road, when we talk about our right -- we don't really focus on what this costs us. those are my comments today. thank you.
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host: i appreciate the call for caution against violent rhetoric at a sensitive time. we're going to be talking about this topic all morning here on the "washington journal." the phone lines are open, we want to have this discussion and have this be a place for people to be able to talk about this some constructive way, or air their feelings. i appreciate the call for caution against some of the violence. orlando residents, call (202) 748-8000, lgbt viewers, call (202) 748-8001, all others, call (202) 748-8002. harry is from pittsburgh, pennsylvania on the line for all others. caller: this is horrible. this whole thing is horrible. , and why iay people saw their name, they were black, hispanic. we have a president with the democrat party ignoring what's going on in the world. how many times is is going to happen?
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this is what it worse, you have to call him what they are. just because you don't call them radical islamists or anything doesn't mean they aren't. this guy's father was on tv, he was a nutcase from what i saw this morning on fox watch comic he denied anything about his son at all. the bad thing is -- you take someone running for president ,ays a mexican judge is racist scan these people make sure they are all right to come in this country. is started a look like nostradamus. since he has been running, how many of these things is happened? if this guy had had a bomb he would've killed everyone inside. you can't ignore problem by not technology. that seems to be what a lot of people are doing in this country. i have seen the names. it's horrible, it's really bad. these are the people that they claim are against trump, gays,
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blacks, hispanics, they are the ones who got killed in this. maybe the often change their mind and stop people from coming in here and start vetting them better. this guy, they let him go twice. host: we got your point, harry. on the front page of the washington post today, the headline of the perspective column -- when tragedy hits, americans stand divided. contentious most questions in american culture and politics -- host: he did it with an ar-15. -- -graders and 59
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host: that is what karen told he writes this morning. we want to hear your reaction, and what your message would be to members of congress as they get back to meeting this week on capitol hill. in the wake of this incident early on sunday morning. frank, good morning. caller: good morning, c-span. here we go again. it's always the guns fault. now,merican people right in this election cycle, there's going to be a lot of changes and they're going to be different people up there in washington when this all starts to come to fruition. we have a president in the white house right now, no disrespect to the office of the president
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-- he is a weimp. -- a wimp. these people are here now, and they are trying to kill american people anyway they can. i really want to discuss the guns. we have an individual that is running on the democratic platform that is on the verge of being indicted by the fbi for national security reasons, with secret e-mails and stuff, she deleted over 30,000 e-mails. we're never going to know the truth about that. i just wonder how many deals the white house made with the fbi to keep her out of this. host: you mentioned president obama, yesterday he spoke for the 15th time following a mass shooting. his remarks for about five minutes he made them yesterday afternoon at the white house. here is present obama yesterday. [video clip]
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president obama: today, as americans, we grieve the brutal murder, the horrificassacre of dozens of innocent people. we pray for their families who are grasping for answers with broken hearts, we stand with the people of orlando who have endured a terrible attack on the city. although it is still early in the investigation, we know enough to say that this was an act of terror, and an act of hate. and as americans, we are united in grief, in outrage, and resolve to defend our people. i just finished a meeting with the fbi director and my national security advisers, the fbi is on the scene, and leading the investigation in partnership with local law enforcement. i've directed at the full resources of the federal government be made available for this investigation. we are still learning all the
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facts, because it's an open investigation. we've reached no definitive judgment on the precise motivations of the killer. the fbi is appropriately investigating this as an act of terrorism, and i have directed that we spare no efforts to determine what if any inspiration or association this killer may have had with terrorist groups. what is clear is that he was a person filled with hatred. over the coming days, we will uncover why and how this happened, and we will go wherever the facts lead us. this morning, i spoke with my good friend, orlando mayor buddy dyer, and i conveyed to him the deepest condolences of the american people. this could have been anyone of our communities. i told mayor dyer that whatever happens, he and the people of need, they're going to get it. as a country, we will be there
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for the people orlando today, tomorrow, and for all the days to come. we also express our profound gratitude to all of the police and first responders who rushed to harm's way. their courage and professionalism save lives. and kept the carnage from being even worse. of sacrifice their law-enforcement professionals make every single day parole all of us, and we can never thank them enough. this is an especially heartbreaking day for all of our friends and fellow americans who are lesbians, gay, bisexual, or transgender. the shooter targeted a nightclub where people came together to be with friends, to dance and saying, and to live. the place where they were attacked is more than just a nightclub, it was a place of solidarity, and empowerment for together to raise awareness, to speak their mind,
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and to advocate for their civil rights. this is a sobering reminder that attacks on any american, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation is an attack on all of us. and on the fundamental values of equality and dignity that define us as a country. and no active hate or terror will ever change who we are, or the values that make us americans. the most deadly shooting in american history. the shooter was apparently armed with a handgun and a powerful assault rifle. this massacre is therefore a further reminder of how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a weapon that lets them shoot people in a school, or in a house of worship, or movie theater, or in a nightclub. and we have to decide if that is the kind of country we want to be. to actively do nothing is a
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decision as well. days, weming hours and will learn about the victims of this tragedy. their names, their faces, who they were. the joy they brought to families and friends. and the difference that they made in this world. say a prayer for them, and say a prayer for their families. strengthive them the to bear the unbearable. may he give us all the strength to be there for them, and the strength and courage to change. we need to demonstrate that we are to find more as a country by the way they live their lives, then by the hate of the man who took them from us. as we go together, we will draw inspiration from heroic and selfless acts, the friends who helped friends, took care of each other, and save lives. in the face of hate and
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violence, we will love one another. we will not give in to fear or turn against each other. instead, we will stand united as americans to protect our people, defend our nation, and to take action against those who threaten us. may god bless the americans we lost this morning, maybe comfort their families. may god continue to watch over this country that we love. thank you. host: i was present obama yesterday afternoon. we are taking your calls this morning on the "washington journal." in rented house ---- brandon house and brandon towels and -- townsend. it met with homeland security and national security advisers yesterday in the wake of that incident. what is the top priority in the meeting, what is the biggest unanswered question that this federal officials are going through their?
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guest: it's fair to assume that regardless of the president, the first question the president of the united states asks his team is what we have done to stop this? what are we not doing that we could be doing to prevent the next orlando, the next to san bernardino. i think part of the answer to that question is going to be one of resources. the director has said repeatedly he has terrorism investigations in all of the 50 states, he doesn't have the resources to cover all of those investigations equally. told iswhat we were they can only cover in terms of 24/7, somewhere between 45 and 50 of those. there's certainly a resource issue. the second question is, while the fbi obviously operates under the constitution and the laws of the united states, are there internal justice department guidelines like the attorney general guidelines that restrict
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them from looking at material when they are making judgments about which threats are aspirational -- that is people who were just talking about it, versus threats that are operational. guy, mateen, who has been on the fbi's radar went and bought the assault rifle and pistol a week ago, that was an indication that he was turning from aspirational to operational , and so you want to make sure that investigators have the tools they need to be able to pick up that change and to act on it. host: you talk about that change from inspiration to aspiration, how much of a going to go back and review those meetings that reportedly took place at the fbi and the attacker back in 2013 and 2014? what clues are they looking for that they obviously missed at that time? guest: it's interesting, the head of the fbi office in the orlando area said they have gone back and they have looked at those files, and based on what
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they knew at that time, they don't believe that they missed anything. he was sort of a blowhard, he was talking about support, but there was nothing -- we have a first amendment in this country, people can say all sorts of offensive things. that wasn't enough for them to act. and they will certainly look at a later interview in 2014, where you can -- where he had contact with american suicide bomber in syria. they said going back and looking at that file, it was mental contact. internally, they are surely going to have to decide whether or not its judgment that the contact with the suicide bomber was only minimal. a correct judgment, or could they and should they have done more to understand that relationship? guest: we're talking with -- host: we're talking with fran , a terrorism adviser. she currently works as executive vice president for worldwide government legal and business affairs at mcandrews and forbes
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incorporated. i know you have to run off soon for another interview, but these lone wolf attacks, how can the country better defend against these type of attacks? guest: they are difficult. these self radicalized lone wolves provide many fewer opportunities for law enforcement to disrupt that cycle of radicalization to violence. i do think it requires communities and families to be alert and to look for signs someone is moving down the spectrum towards violence. our law-enforcement officers are only as good as the communities that support them. without the help of the general be this.e will not regrettably, you are like to see more of these types of attacks. it's really important that community leaders and communities work with local law enforcement, because that is where these tragedies happen,
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and that is where they are the last line of defense. townsend, thank you for your time this morning on "washington journal." we're taking your calls, getting reactions. this has been called the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history, 50 dead so far, the number could rise, 53 injured in that attack early sunday morning. in the line for lgbt viewers. morning, first of all, my thoughts and prayers go out to everybody that lost their lives, and everybody affected down there in orlando. i also want to allude to president obama's comments. he said that we all have a right to assemble, to be with each other. those are constitutional rights. is, we also have a right to protect ourselves, our
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rights in this country were formed looking a lot at john locke, who says long as we abide by the social contract, and abiding by the laws, we use the judicial system, but when it comes to someone taking our lives, we have the right to protect ourselves. i thought it was interesting that mr. obama, within 12 hours of this tragedy came out and was advocating for the collection of all guns and gun control. it's one of these things where i understand like the last lady said, people are going to aspire , but that is a slippery slope about people aspiring, someone buys a gun, all of a sudden they are on a watch list or something. i can't help to think the one commonality that is involved in this and all the other shootings is -- what if one person in their had a gun, have the opportunity to try and protect
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themselves and protect everybody else? the whole country has been a history of people being armed and just protecting themselves, going on about their business, and the previous lady said that we are going to have to work with the police, but the police are going to be everywhere all the time, and these people are going to continue to try and hurt us. so we can protect ourselves, and i know that the gentleman, or man in florida had some sort of license that he could go places with his weapon. most states have concealed carry laws that don't allow you to carry a firearm into a place that serves alcohol. that right there was a gun free zone that is just right for the picking, so to speak. you have to get smart and learn to protect ourselves, because people are going to try and kill us, regardless whether it's with a gun or a car or acts or a knife, and americans just to be able to protect themselves inally, own a gun, carry it
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places where they go, because people are going to hurt people either way, whether it's with a gun, knife, were car. we need to allow ourselves to protect ourselves. that's why would like to see more concealed carry. i think he would be a deterrent, at least give people a chance, as the police won't get there in time, at least with it may be slow down the carnage. thank you, c-span. carolina onn north the line we have for lgbt viewers. the headlines about the pulse nightclub, it was the heart orlando's gay community is the story in the "washington times," noting the club opened in 2004 to pay tribute to the gay brother of the owner who died of aids in 1991, according to the club's website. the owner strove to ensure that pulse had an atmosphere than graced -- embraced the gay webs -- a lifestyle. officials were particularly
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ofcerned about the targeting the nightclub during algebra t pride month. pridesecurity -- lgbt month. after security was provided. the story you might've seen out of los angeles, i heavily armed man detained before the west hollywood gay pride event in paris that was happening out there. authorities on sunday detained that man in advance of a major pride event,gbt starting concerns about the safety of that amendment -- of that event after the aftermath of the early morning mass shooting at a gay club in florida.
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host: we have a line for lgbt viewers, rose is there in ohio. caller: hi, this is rose. i don't even know what to say. other than terrorism will not end. it doesn't matter whether it's ,oming from overseas, from isis al qaeda, hezbollah, it doesn't matter. it's never going to end, or domestic terrorism. it's like fighting a shadow. personally, i don't think there is absolutely anything that congress can do that will make any bit of difference. guns, even if you outlaw guns, they will get guns, if you outlaw semiautomatic guns, they will get some. they will get grenades, they will do whatever they have to do to make their point. -- this is aion is
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gigantic nightclub in orlando, and all major cities in the united states, whether it is miami, chicago, boston, new york, los angeles, san diego -- all of the bouncers are very well-trained, and there is a lot of them. why wasn't this gun and ak oredly had like an ar-15 or something. host: ar-15 is the gun that has reportedly been recovered. you been to these clubs before, and does this incident make you concerned about going again? caller: i haven't, but i have many friends that do, and they are packed like sardines. all nightclubs have capacity, i don't know what you want to call them. it's capacity.
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100 nightclubs can have a -- handle 100 people, some can handle 300. and then the line just stretches sidewalk,or, down the around the block, basically. one person leaves, another person comes in. they are always packed to the extreme. , bars are one to two -- one to three people deep at the bar, that means there's three levels of people at the bar. this is a ton of people. -- it's ance floor prime target for these kinds of shootings, the normally the well-trained, they find alcohol bottles, they find guns, they find knives. i'm just routed to the news story to find out exactly why the bouncers didn't find these guns, and like you just said,
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the one -- it's a very big gun. it's not a 22, is not a saturday night special. you can just hide this easily and apparently gore pocket. i'm wondering why it wasn't found. because it's not miami, but it's a big city. host: we will look for more reporting as more facts come out about this case. we are our viewers reaction this morning on the "washington journal," as we show you the flag flying at half staff on the washington capital, the capital building here in d.c., and around the country, flags are flying at half staff. jen white on twitter -- congress should be blamed for these murders. they have no backbone. flying flags at half staff -- a worthless response. get rid of the guns is what jen writes. and then chris murphy of connecticut put out a statement yesterday also blaming congress
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for this incident, saying this phenomenon of near constant mass shooting happens only in america, nowhere else. congress has become complicit in these murders by its total unconscionable deafening silence. this doesn't have to happen, but this epidemic will continue without end if congress continues to sit on his hands and do nothing, again. senator chris murphy of connecticut. of course, newtown, connecticut is where that shooting of those back in 2012.ned "usa today," has a list of the largest mass shootings in the united states, shootings where people were killed. newtown is the third deadliest now that the orlando shooting has happened, on december 14, 2012, 27 killed in newtown, 32 killed at that school shooting at virginia tech in blacksburg, virginia in 2007, now orlando on
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june 12, 50 people killed. that number could rise, 53 injured, reportedly. we will look for updates as well as we take your calls all morning this morning on the "washington journal." claudio is in leesburg, virginia. claudio, good morning. caller: good morning. donaldwanted to say that trump making comments about islam and mexicans, this is hate. he is calling radical muslims to come here and kill us, making comments like that. not a trump -- he is person to be a president of the united states. he is not a leader. a leader would not call to hate others. donald trump is calling radicals to kill america,. . host: donald trump put out a statement yesterday, saying in
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part nation was attacked by radical islamic terrorist, it was the worst terrorist attack on our soil since 9/11, and the second of its kind in six months. my deepest sympathy and support goes on to the victims, the wounded, and their families. he noted president obama's speech yesterday in the white house, he said in his remarks, president obama disgracefully refused to stephen say the words radical islam. for that reason alone, he should step down and hillary clinton after this attack will not say radical islam, she should get out of this race for the presidency. smartnot get tough and real fast, we're not going to have a country anymore, because i leaders are weak, it's only going to get worse. i'm trying to save lives and prevent the next terrorist attack, we can't afford to be political correct anymore. as part of donald trump's statement yesterday. getting your thoughts this morning, ithaca, new york on the line for lgbt viewers, phoenix, good morning. caller: hi, yeah.
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all of this political stuff and everything like that -- can you hear me? host: i can, phoenixhost:. go ahead. caller: the one thing that seems to be forgotten about the lives of brothers and sisters -- they are gone now. , that needs to be emphasized. hate, there is always violence, people are always going to have the killings or whatever and anything like that, it's all fear-based stuff, and i hate the politics, and i definitely agree -- these gunss that are made to kill. violence begets more violence. what about those that just lost their lives, and their families?
7:40 am
, as far our country at as saying we are here with you? in the political stuff, oh my god, just racing to turn around and trump, forget it. he doesn't have a clue. but anyway, i just want to mention that. because this was a hate attack, but i would like to asclude that we should stop far as our news and that kind of stuff, mentioning these people's names that are so sick, they want to turn around and do this whole thing. and build it up, and all this other kind of stuff. they see themselves as being able to go out in some kind of blaze of glory, and we are giving them that by turning around and advertising the name
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and emphasizing them. it's just tragic. my heart goes out to those that we lost, and their families right now. that's all i have to say. thank you. host: phoenix, as we noted earlier 21 of the 50 victims names have been released on the city of orlando website, those names being released as their families are informed. one of the other stories yesterday, amid the investigation, amid the political statements was the vigils that popped up yesterday in honor of the orlando victims. here is the "usa today," story showing a crowd gathered in sunday to honor those killed in the attacks at the pulse nightclub. organizers said we are not allowing fear to dictate our actions. let's go to lafayette, indiana.
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jarrett is waiting period good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i changed my mind. in our era of political correctness, whose idea was it to put lesbians, gay, bisexual, transgender rights month the same month is ramadan, which is a wholly holiday for islam? people who know anything about islam no how they feel about homosexuality. host: let's go to carmen, in hamilton, montana. you are on "washington journal." i would get this different, for a combat vet. first, i want to say i feel for all the families in the victims of what happened. this could be the first of many, many, many attacks on us.
7:43 am
i think we have to put the blame we don'tsquarely is, do anything about our problems in the united states. the chickens are coming home to roost. host: what are the problems? that we haveem is leaders, when they are told don't going to places, like the cia told dick cheney and george bush, don't go into iraq, there were telling them over and over, resources from everywhere, he will coming from all over the world, everyone is telling them don't go in there. they are both oilmen, they had to go, so they had to make up lies come to cherry pick anything they could. this is what happens to the people over there every day. the first time it happens to us here, the second or third time it happens to us, we are reacting like this is really bad. host: i'm listening. it is up to today.
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if you were talking to your member of congress, what would you tell them today? what are the one or two things you want them to hear? caller: i could talk to congress in july and blue in the face. we have a secret government that does what it wants to do. i know this sounds conspiratorial, there's a book about it called "the devil's triangle," about the secret government back in 1946. after the cia came into power. now we are doing what we want all over the world, for the people who have a lot of money, you just become the muscle. we don't get spoils of war and more. when i was in vietnam they told us to kill all those people, and they said because we need to clear that land so we can still the resources. the chickens are coming home to roost. we don't hold our politicians to account. we can't hold them to account because we have a secret government that keeps them in place. people like the koch brothers.
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host: let's go to keith in chicago, illinois. good morning, you are on the "washington journal." caller: good morning. i'm a former nightclub manager, wrongr caller was really last nightclubs -- the place people should have guns. the very last place. you don't mix guns and alcohol. enough about that. let me get back to the bigger picture of the political side of this. host: keith, i will he do that. can i ask you about security at nightclubs and you said you are in a club owner, what have security did you have, it is that something the nightclub owners need to rethink in the wake of what happened? would anything have been able to stop this? caller: no. first of all, unless we are going to have magnetometers and nightclubs,place in
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no, we don't want to live like that. we're not going to live like that. it's our crazy gun culture. this isn't about isis. in orlando was an american citizen, born here. weapon ton assault commit a hate crime against the lgbt community. i'm also a member of that community. a former nightclub general manager, i used a lot of off-duty police officers for security. they did not have weapons, and of course, we didn't frisk our clientele or anything like that. let's looke to say, at this for what it is -- a gun issue. because an attack was foiled in about.hich you read
7:47 am
that was a right-winger from indiana. indiana. who hates gay and lesbians people. and he was foiled for one reason. as ms. townsend said at the top -- the community. they saw him behaving suspiciously and alerted the authorities, who found the assault weapons and bomb materials in his vehicle. and he is a right-winger. they already vetted his social media profile. host: you said before, this isn't about terrorism, it's about guns, to hate crime. could it be about all of those things? caller: you know, if i hate gay people and i identify as muslim and i want to go kill some gay this isand i would say in the name of isis. no, it's not about terrorism, it's about hate.
7:48 am
but terrorism is about hate. so how is this incident different from the right-winger that was caught before the act, within 24 hours of this incident? no connection between the two. the only connection between the two is hate for the gay community and access to assault weapons. host: keith in chicago, illinois. i want to mention the congressman from florida set out this tweet yesterday saying it's not impossible to discuss radical islam, terrorism, threats to the lgbt community and gun violence at the same time. so let's do it. promising on his twitter page talk about all of those issues when congress meets today, the house expected to gavel in at noon, the senate expected to come in later this afternoon. to follow up on some of keith's comments -- the "financial
7:49 am
times," looks into the history of the attacks on the lgbt community, the story, savage attacks on u.s. gay community after joy of supreme court victory, it's a headline that toes the clubs they cater lgbt patrons have faced violent attacks in the past, often from the far right. eric rudolph, the ultraconservative in 1997 detonated a nail bomb at the other side gay club in atlanta that will be five people. attempted toan burn down a seattle gay club on new year's eve in 2013. the fire was quickly extinguished and no one was injured. a california native said he was drunk at the time and was sentenced to 10 years in jail. if you want to look into more of that history, that story is in the "financial times." phone lines for orlando residents, call (202) 748-8000, lgbt viewers, call (202) 748-8001, all others, (202) 748-8003.
7:50 am
we are spending our entire three hours giving you the time to talk about the issues you want to talk about in the wake of this deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. ken is in washington, d.c.. caller: i appreciate it. the analogy for me would be in regards to the situation -- if you and i were standing on the street and we saw a vehicle go theif you thought it was nicest chevrolet i thought it was the nicest honda, both of us might be wrong, it could be afford. we would have to agree that it is a car. that said, as opposed to people labeling it as a terrorist attack or anything else, you label it as what it is -- violence, murder, evil, and death. that's what it is. is sold tontry, it people on a daily basis, whether it be through social media or the media. their event over 1600 shootings this year. shootings in one of our cities.
7:51 am
in chicago, already. people saying it's just an incident, that's associated with people of color were minorities you take it and deal with it as it is. but for some reason, it's not an issue. the president gets blamed for everything, when fact, you have senators and congressmen and elected officials that are also supposed to hear your plea, yet everyone was to blame the president. host: do you think it is a this? as john in north carolina says liberals believe it's the guns fault, conservatives leave its the muslim shooter's fault. caller: i can we disagree. as aentify someone religion as opposed to identifying someone by their actions -- i think this man, this murderer, this killer was born in the united states of america, in new york. if the american first were muslim? we identify him as a person of evil that committed an evil act.
7:52 am
before anybody can put these labels on someone, they need to identify the truth, first and foremost. people are always trying to find the reason, the excuse. isis, theing about last time i checked, they don't have a marine corps, air force, navy, nor an army. they have an ideology. there's no country more powerful than ours. they have rocks and stones, a caller spoke about spiting -- fighting shadows. you use the shadow all day. joe is in centerville, virginia on the line for lgbt viewers. good morning, you are on the "washington journal." caller: i can't believe what this guy just said. i guarantee if you go ask anybody that survive that shooting last night if they -- host: if they what? i think we lost joe.
7:53 am
we go to bob in stevens point, wisconsin. caller: good morning. , i'm very muchn against the homosexual lifestyle , i will let god deal with that. the thing is, it is said that these americans were killed, and it should be announced that way, as americans. why does the american need to say they were gay or lesbians? killed,erosexuals we didn't he say heterosexuals? i'm a veteran, very proud veteran of america. and is not for the gun, those couch potato lawyers out there, the so-called liberals wouldn't have a right to say what they say. right-hand, like our law enforcement, guns are very helpful. ,uns are giving life
7:54 am
unfortunately, that's the way of the world. islam is out there to kill americans, and we need to stop them. and the best ways to go after forceand let our police do their job. i'm very proud to be american. i'm very happy we have the gift given to us by our fellow veterans of other people to have the rights that we do in this country, to the freedom we have in this country. andeed to protect that defend it. so i'm all for guns. himself as aentify strong christian. ralph reed is the chairman of the faith and freedom coalition, a christian conservative. he set out if you tweet yesterday -- a few tweets yesterday after the report of the deaths and injuries at the polls nightclub. -- the pulse nightclub.
7:55 am
what happened is antithetical to the christian faith. this shows that we must do more to protect the united states. alexis is next in wilmington, north carolina on the line for lgbt viewers. go ahead. caller: good morning. i attended the vigil last night for the victims and their families. gay, sheer is openly is married to a woman in the fact,guard who is -- in vigil onated the social media, and we probably maybe toed 20, 150 show up. it was all done quite quickly.
7:56 am
host: did your daughter speak at the vigil? caller: my daughter-in-law did, yes. host: what did she say? caller: well, she actually made -- i forget -- harvey milk, who was one of the first outspoken people in california. spoke of love. she reminded us of that. as the tv is showing right now, it says stop the hate. that is what she prayed for. the point i want to make this morning is -- you know, we talk andt government control
7:57 am
government isn't just the president. it is the house of representatives. it is the judicial board. kowtowing to a certain sect, and this morning, it's the nra -- we can't make headway. wreck, and you a only clean one corner, you have a corner cleaned. we don't need these assault rifles. we need to have background checks. we need to do what we can to protect ourselves. and that doesn't mean carrying a gun. host: what does it mean? caller: what does it mean? it means we need to be more
7:58 am
vigilance about our fellow americans. you should see people walking down the street and they have awful scowls on their face. and i say hello, and it just brightens and they speak back. some look back and say she talking to me? we need to spread some love. it's easy to talk it. we have to do it. people aren't -- in fact, one of those shootings -- i know, it -- georgia or south carolina, where the african-americans were sitting in church? host: the charleston shooting. yes, thank you. oh my gosh. there are so many, who can tell? that perpetrator said he was almost ready to capitulate
7:59 am
because they were so kind to him. good,e to remember the and we have to spread the good. that's my point. the: alexis, thank you for call from wilmington, north carolina. caller: we are taking call -- host: we're taking calls all morning on "washington journal." we are talking about the shooting at the polls nightclub -- the pulse nightclub in orlando, florida. we go to mike on the line for lb gt viewers. say i: i just want to feel bad for those young children, because they are children, because i'm over 60 years old. they were in there just to have a good time, to party, and some idiot had to come at them with a gun. i think every bartender should be allowed to carry a gun behind their border, in case something like that whatever happen again. they can shoot back.
8:00 am
but obamato say this, and hillary need to be out of office, because ever since obama got in in office, his started letting all of the muslims over. and they are the ones who are killing american people. the american people want to wake up on this, it is their choice. make a difference that the shooter was born in new york and an american citizen? caller: he's a murderer. -- he's just apologize. our washinon journal program today, we are dedicating the entire program to opening our phones to get reactions to the shooting at the pulse nightclub. top of our show, we read
8:01 am
the 21 names of the victims who been released. the names are being posted on a city website in orlando. here are the 2111 named. edward sotomayor. stanley a load of our ocasio-capo. guerrero.
8:02 am
evan ortiz-rivera. peter gonzalez-cruz. vielma. more will be added to the list. we are giving you a place to voice your concerns and reactions about how you are feeling this morning in the wake of the shooting. orlando residents can call in at .202) 748-8000 lgbt viewers call in at (202) 748-8001. marine is up in wisconsin on the line for lgbt viewers. good morning. caller: good morning.
8:03 am
i am a veteran and a lesbian. i have served my country. what happened in orlando is a hate crime. it is violence against the from a united states citizen. his religion doesn't matter. what about the white man who ?hot up a black church it is a hate crime. our gun laws. in theaws were founded 1700s, when we were fighting the british for our freedom to become the united states. we fought them again in 1810 and 1812. we don't need those kind of gun laws. in his post be illegal to get a semiautomatic gun but you can get it online. it is our gun laws and our
8:04 am
politicians and it is not the president because he is not the king. he has to do what congress and the senate say. he has to go through all of these people to get the right to do what he does. that a in ohio is wrong. do you think the battle we are seeing over gun laws, do you think this changes anything? caller: of course not. because politicians have their pocket money. is a big guy. tolong as they are around have these boosters -- not boosters. the guys who give money to politicians. they have politicians in their pocket. that ought to be illegal. that law that passed a few years ago that anybody can donate as much money as they want to? corporations? host: the citizens united case? caller: yes.
8:05 am
and it is also the fact that we have professional politicians. serve president can only two terms, why can't our senate and a congressman? that is all they do all their lives. i was born and raised in north carolina. we just an hill. he -- that is a southern thing. off our skin, we all look the same. we all bleed red. this to citizens to do other american citizens despite what they do behind closed doors -- it is illegal, immoral and wrong. host: that was marina calling in. we are taking your calls and tweets as well. we will be reading them throughout the course of the show. follow along with the conversation.
8:06 am
wild and wonderful rights in, how many victims would be spared if we all said radical islamic terrorism every hour on the hour? -- does obama realize this muslim was cleared for carrying weapons, the guy was on the fbi watchlist and dropped. we are giving you as much as the reporting as we can, giving you the facts as they emerge. there is still a lot to learn about this case. the shooting at the pulse nightclub in orlando. here are a few more front pages. the wall street journal, a night .f terror in orlando the front page of the washington post, 50 killed at gay club in florida. men who pledged support to isis carried out the deadliest mass shooting in history. it was an act of terror and an act of hate. the front page of the new york times, the headline is "praising shooting gunmen worst
8:07 am
on u.s. soil. those are some of the headlines from around the country. we will keep showing you front pages throughout the morning. we will talk about this for the next two hours. joe is in westchester, good morning. hello. i am so sorry for the families who lost people. and i called to comment on one thing that i think is not in the mix, and that is that we have violent gun shooting video games as the most popular form of entertainment in the united states. and i would love to invite people that can, to study whether or not these people who go off and do these things are constant users or this is a component? because the rise of these videogames and the rise of the loan shooter coincide. that was joe in
8:08 am
westchester, west virginia. a lot of issues will be talked about this week. members of congress are taking to twitter and facebook pages and press releases yesterday. talking about what they will be bringing up this week when they return to capitol hill. the house will meet at noon today. the senate will meet later in the afternoon. sanders was on "meet the press" yesterday and was asked about the shooting. here is a bit. senator bernie sanders: it is horrific. it is unthinkable. and our hearts go out to all of those who were shot, that they can recover. 25 years ago, i believe that in this country, we should not be selling automatic weapons that are provided to kill people. we have to do everything we can. and on top of that, make sure that guns do not fall into the hands of people who should not
8:09 am
have them. criminals and mentally ill. think we can never have a conversation where we have a tear was in conversation and the gun conversation where everybody can sit down and have this without trying to politicize one version of events over the other? senator bernie sanders: i do. he does i think there is a consensus in this country, not 100% of the people, that the overwhelming majority. gun owners and non-gun owners understand that we have to do everything we can to prevent guns from falling into the hands of people who should not have them. the instant background check. doing away with the gun show. i think there is a wide consensus to move forward in that direction. host: one other clip to show you from the show yesterday.
8:10 am
a republican was also on "meet the press" yesterday, talking about the issues coming from the florida nightclub. we will show you that in just a second. but i wanted to let you know that we have a line for orlando residents. , paul is calling in on that line. thank you for waiting. tell us about this morning in orlando. caller: thank you for taking my call and thank you for c-span. know, what happened in orlando, that is not us. this guy didn't even live here. he had to drive two hours to come to this place. hit, not only on a bar, but on all of us. and the beautiful thing about this city is that within minutes of the call going out that they needed three different types of blood, there were -- the community came out and there were lines that for eight hours
8:11 am
ng. blood, not only donating but people coming out to provide those people donating the blood with water and snacks. this is a wonderful, beautiful community. and you know, i wish that community the lgbt would wake up and realize that their lifestyle and the islamic state are incompatible. you had a caller from wisconsin saying it is not about religion -- well, there is a segment of the muslim community where that lifestyle just is not tolerated. this is ant is that beautiful, wonderful community and the outpouring that came out when they called out for blood was nothing less than spectacular. they had to send people home, telling them to come back
8:12 am
tomorrow. going to sound like a broken record but this is a beautiful and wonderful community. this is not orlando. this guy came from out of town. that is my comment. host: we will have the line from orlando residents open all morning. we especially want to hear from you about where you were yesterday, what it is like today in orlando. donald is also on that line and we want to get to him. donald, good morning. caller: good morning c-span and good morning to the american people. i live right outside of orlando. i was in church when i heard the our pastor said something about it. and i thought it was a normal sunday or saturday thing -- one or two people got shot. actuallyot home, and i went to a restaurant to eat
8:13 am
lunch, and i started watching the news there. and then it was over 100 people realized theead, i size of the attack. i've only been in orlando about 1.5 years now, that the community has really stepped up. they really came out with the donating blood and ringing food and water to the responders and everything like that. and it was black, white, people. -- all kinds of straight, gay, people helping people. ask? can i you originally thought it was a normal shooting. when doday and age, something go from a normal shooting to something different? is it the number of people killed?
8:14 am
is that a testament as to where we are as a society? caller: you know, you are right. it is terrible to even say "a normal shooting." , it justis day and age comes secondhand to know that when you walk out the door, you might not come home. but i think all of us as human beings and americans need to stop ignoring it. kiss your loved ones, give them a hug. when you walk out the door there's no guarantee that they will come home. host: do you have children? caller: i have two daughters. one turned 10 yesterday and the other is 11. host: have they asked you about what is going on in orlando? what do you tell them? yes, we got home from church and we went to dinner and we sat at the table and my one daughter said, are they dead? i said yes honey, they are dead. this man killed them.
8:15 am
i tried to explain it to them but both of them were upset. i did get asked that question. and my wife was crying. off and on all night. i was even joked about it. i evenend of the day -- choked up about it. at the end of the day, this guy had been looked at by the fbi a couple of times. and he went into the store to make that purchase, i don't know why a red flag wouldn't have gone off? they should've have held this person for five days. the should have let the fbi notified and put a tale on him. in this day of technology, with they couldchecks, have helped the weapon up for a week or two just to check them out and see what was going on. host: some members of congress have proposed looking into the
8:16 am
background check system in the wake of the shooting at the pulse nightclub. several members of congress went on the sunday shows yesterday and when they asked about the shooting, and republican jeff blake was on "meet the press" here is a bit. >> we don't know what happened. we reached out to federal , it was obviously a horrible, horrible tragedy. and everyone that happens is one too many. we will be looking at it as it unfolds. >> do you think it is possible to have a conversation, when it gets determined what the motive we will have a gun conversation or a terrorism conversation. we don't seem to be capable of doing both at the same time. why is that? >> that does seem to be the case. if it was found out that this person was inspired by isis,
8:17 am
then it will probably be a terrorism debate. if he wasn't, it may be a gun debate. what you are right, it seems to be one or the other. >> but can't we have both? are they in some ways interrelated? we want to make it harder for terrorists to attack us. anyway possible? >> you bet. a lot of us have been talking for quite a while in terms of background checks and tightening background checks, particularly as it pertains to those with mental illness. and i think that debate can and should go on, as well as the debate on how to best protect from those who are funded by international terrorists. few more tweets from viewers who are watching. rebecca writes in, the shooter was born in the u.s. and you legally -- and legally possessed the gun he had. what could authorities have done at of time to stop him? hadott said, france has
8:18 am
yetult weapons ban forever islamists still managed to kill people there. philip is on the line for lgbt viewers. good morning. caller: first of all, it is very important that we learn the motive of the individual. i think that conflating domestic gun violence and islamic terrorism, which is what seemingly is the motivation, is a huge mistake. gun violence in this country has many different causes. are not willing to honestly admit to in the united states. and to look admit at the fact that we are overmedicated our young people. one caller mentioned, the effect of video games on developing neurology.
8:19 am
instead, the immediate response is to jump to gun control but no one paints a picture of any policy that is proposed to stop this individual or many other mass shooters. to say that you are going to ban assault weapons is a noble intent but what would that look like? you will create a black market and as many callers have said, europe has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the world and it has not impeded a terrorist. think conflating the two matters. the masst to discuss shooting problem in the united states, we have to broaden the conversation much further than simply gun control. it needs to be mental health issues that should be discussed. the over medication of children, the role of social media and new media in spreading dangerous ideology.
8:20 am
this is such a complex issue that i think it does the country and the world a disservice to oversimplify it merely into gun control or to say, it is islamic terrorism. that these things are far more complex. and what we are seeing here is a failure of western leadership around the world to come to grips with new threats. many of which are related to new technologies. that host: is my take. thank you. host:let's go to leo. in lafayette, louisiana. have you ever been to a club like this one? that was attacked? if so, are you nervous about the next time you go? i am from the state of louisiana and i am a hunter. i am a rabbit hunter. and the law in this state is
8:21 am
that you cannot have but three shells in the gun at one time to hunt rabbits. lawolorado, they passed a to legalese marijuana. my question is, what about the result? how come starting with the governor of florida to the representatives and to the congressman and to the senators, they have to look at her now -- ok. bary bar owner that owns a minimum amount of security and not allow those type of people with guns inside the nightclub. i can't have those guns to hunt rabbits. i can't have but three shells in my gun at one time. and believe me i have been in the woods when i am around snakes, shooting at a rabbit and a raccoon.
8:22 am
in this city and state you can't have but three shells to shoot a rabbit. out, as we have pointed lot of information needs to be found out about how he got into this club. .nd what happened we will try to get that information to you as it comes out. both this morning on the washington journal, our phones are open. a lot of people want to talk about what is on their mind in the wake of the worst shooting in history -- in u.s. history. jim is on the phone in florida. byler: i would like to begin saying that i mourn for the gay community. gay people enrich our lives every day. what an we find out that high value of people were killed in this incident, we will mourn even more.
8:23 am
is, i think that the united states needs to qaeda, war on isis, al al nusra and al-shabab. and i don't mean to make accidental or playful communication. i mean engaged communication with these organizations and acts of treason. that will put this group in the right light with regards to the laws of our country. say, they blame president obama for everything. but there is one good reason why president obama is being blamed for this and that is because warned that this would happen. but he did it anyway. he did it for votes.
8:24 am
one thing that people don't realize, you keep hearing about the fbi investigated him and then they stopped -- the fbi investigated him and then they stopped -- there is a good reason for that. holder and president obama and the democratic party told the fbi that they can only leave a case open for three months. and you will never hear this in the media because they protect democratic party. but now you know. the fbi cannot continue to investigate these people after three months. that was true of the boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev at is true in this case too. heard that. not where you get that information from? well, check it out and see if it is true. from, iormation came think he is the -- the marine
8:25 am
onps expert counterterrorism? he has been a guest. on these programs? i do believe that is true. close a case after three months. host: when you talk about how democrats and republicans are reacting to this tragedy, a news or a capitol hill has a story on this effect. republicans and democrats to emerge noting that members of congress on both sides of the aisle offer their condolences and expressed outrage. the republicans tended the need to boost counterterrorism efforts while the democrats called on congress to prevent gun -- michael mccaul says this appears to be the worst attack since 9/11 and is a sobering reminder that radical islamicists are targeting our country and our way of life.
8:26 am
americans will not be intimidated by the fanatics and tragedies, we will just strengthen our resolve to fight back and prevail over extremism whenever it emerges. the natureointed to of attack and noted that congress had failed to respond to other mass shooting. bob casey astray says he plans towards a bill that would bar someone convicted of hate crimes from purchasing firearms. these are some responses from the attack in orlando, florida. for theo connecticut line from lgbt viewers. good morning. all, i want tof say to all of the families that were affected by this -- everyone is talking about this as an islamic issue. because islam has been radicalized.
8:27 am
this has everything to do with mental health and gun control. i don't understand why he was able to get a gun. i don't understand why everyone is saying that all of islam is completely against gay people americans.ized a lot of christians don't like gay people. we don't say that christianity is radicalizing americans because it isn't true. validated by watching a lot of videos online and that is a mental health issue. if you can watch a video and say, i'm going to take -- i'm going to kill a bunch of people, that is a mental health people issue. host: nancy is up next. good morning. caller: good morning. first, i would like to express my sympathy to the families that lost loved ones. i have a few questions for you, the moderator. have any of the florida newspapers stated by it took the
8:28 am
orlando police three hours to take down one gunman? my second question, i understand there was one exit to the padlocked.and it was i understand a few people got -- theough the night cup nightclub employee only exit but only a few escaped. why was there only one exit in the nightclub? does florida have a code that requires more than one exit in places like that? why was it padlocked? and why did it take three hours for the police to take him down? it shouldn't have taken that long, because he was only one gunman. did any of the florida newspapers explain that? here with youeen
8:29 am
since 7:00 so i don't know the latest reporting but i'm sure all of these questions that you bring up our questions that are being asked today by law enforcement and politicians and the media. we will try to bring you answers to those questions in the coming days as more information comes out about the tragedy in orlando. we appreciate the questions. the linen missouri for for all other. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. like to think the guy who called in from ohio. he is the first when i heard on the program this morning. that gave a very positive comment about the shooting that happened in orlando. people have access to media and want to call it an islamic problem. americahad islam's in
8:30 am
ever since there was america. i am a veteran, i am 77 years old. the biggest mass murder in this kkk and they are christians. not muslims. to me, every time a mass killing happens, it is from the european americans. color,s an american of they call it getting violence or thugs. someone who has an islamic name, even though he that doesn'tstian, make you a muslim. but they call it islamic terrorists. i have never heard any crime committed in this country called christianity.
8:31 am
the first one that made big news was mcabee. for your i really appreciate your program. missouri. was earl in we are taking your calls this morning on this particular attacker. several news outlets are 911 andg that he called pledged his allegiance to the islamic state at some point during the attack. the new york times writes about the ties to the islamic state, noting, the revelation that the 29-year-old man who opened fire theunday had dedicated killing to the islamic state has prompted a familiar question -- was the killer acting under orders from the islamic state or just seeking publicity and the group's approval for a personal act of hate? for the tomorrow planners of the
8:32 am
islamic state, the difference is irrelevant. influencing distant attackers to pledge allegiance to the islamic state and then carrying out mass murder has become a core part of the group's propaganda. it is a purposeful blurring of the lines between operations that are planned and carried out by the terror group's core fighters and those carried out by sympathizers. the associated press followed up this morning with reporting from overseas on islamic state radio. islamic statehe radio -- they called him "one of the soldiers of the caliphate in america." that report was out of this morning. there is a lot to learn about the attackers background and connections here with isis. we are giving you a chance to express your thoughts and questions and concerns in the wake of the shooting. don has been waiting in albany, new york on the line for lgbt viewers. good morning. caller: good morning.
8:33 am
i am saddened by this whole situation. needless to say. retireday man who is and i have been with my partner for 30 years. and married for the last two years because that is as long as i have been able to be married. as gay people, when we are we don't flaunt ourselves because we are afraid of this kind of repercussion. afraid -- i tried not to live my life being afraid of people in general but when i listen -- when i lived in new i was an i was young, singer and i sang in a concert where i had a wonderful pianist playing for me. and a couple of weeks later, a gay barst was in
8:34 am
and someone walked in with a rifle and just shot him and two other people dead. and that didn't make the news actually. but these things do go on all the time. it isn't just isis or muslims. of my thing about guns and semiautomatic weapons. i agree that people should have a gun to defend their house or to go hunting. my son has a gun and he is a hunter. but this business of people being able to have semiautomatic weapons that can kill 50-100 people in a matter of minutes is totally insane. go ahead. host: can i ask you, what does this mean for pride week? andain what pride week is how this might change that
8:35 am
celebration next year? what do you want me to explain? host: that this happened during pride month? oh, pride month. i don't think it was unrelated, although i don't know that it was a motivation for this particular guy. although being in the gay pride parade, years ago, it was an act of courage. because you could get eaten up by skinheads in new york. i know people that were hit with bats. my boyfriend had long hair when he was 20. he had his face pushed into a sidewalk and had to go to the hospital because he looks like a girl. but this business that people are talking about, there are
8:36 am
people in iraq. it doesn't matter whether they , theay or straight response that we have to go on bombing these countries and , the familieses in florida, we need to find another way. to get rid of these automatic weapons. we also have a line for orlando residents. we want to hear from you this morning. what you are waking up to this morning. jeff is on that line. what is the scene in orlando, from your perspective? caller: first of all, i was born in orlando. i father was born there in 1925. i can't hear you. can you hear me? host: go ahead. caller: my grandfather showed up there as a greek immigrant. -- 113 years out
8:37 am
of orlando. idea is muchuslim better than banning the gun idea. and i don't know what it is going to take for people to with on that we are at war islamic terrorists. they are in this country, they have infiltrated us. that is why we have to close our borders. france closed their borders after 55 years after what happened to them. what is wrong with this country? but the attacker in this case was a u.s. citizen, born in the united states. his parents were from afghanistan. people don't understand the muslim faith. they don't read the koran like i have. they cannot assimilate to our constitution.
8:38 am
they cannot live under our constitution. they never will. take andis it going to how many more people are going to get slaughtered until you catch on. they cannot assimilate into our country. host: that was jeff. nancy is in austin, texas. good morning. know, i agree with the guy who was just talking. people need to study sharia law. it is very opposed to our constitution. nothing against muslims at all but it does not work with our culture. and yes, we have had muslims for a long amount of time but people, have you not noticed that we have increase that amount by leaps and bounds? tons of them. the state department brings the man as refugees.
8:39 am
our borders are wide open. we don't even make a pretense of stopping anybody. we have quite a situation here. we probably need to do research. i don't know what country in the middle east it was that you can google it. gays off theowing top of buildings. this is what they believe. that there should be death to the gays. they throw them off the top of buildings. that is not exactly our culture. thank god. we need to open our eyes a little bit. isis took credit for what happened in florida. people need to do some looking. isis was warning three days before the attack. 600 were going to attack different people. in america. in florida.of them
8:40 am
so they announced there would be an attack. can i say one more thing? concerned,uns are our guns in this country -- founding fathers gave us guns, not to go target shooting, but to defend ourselves against the government that became tyrannical. .hat is why the biggest mass murderers in history. stalin, hitler -- it has always been governments. the first thing they do is identify who owns a gun and go and pick them up. then they will not have resistance at all. host: lines for orlando lgbt viewers and all others. we are with you for the next hour and 20 minutes. our entire program today is dedicated to getting your reaction to the shooting in
8:41 am
orlando. on the line for lgbt viewers. jeff has been waiting. good morning. the -- we are never going to get gun control in our country. but there is no control over ammunition. federal agency that controls the distribution of ammunition. when you go to the doctor, you get a prescription to fill medication and then you take it to a pharmacy. i think they should start regulating ammunition. you go to a police station. tell them what you want. register your gun and yourself. and then you get a purchase order. and then you go to a sporting goods store to fill it. that is one way to start. think that is easier than trying to get gun laws? in terms of trying to get people
8:42 am
in the building behind me to agree to that? caller: well, i don't think they will ever agree to not distribute guns. i mean, there is no reason for assault weapons unless you want to rebel against your country. and i think there might be an easier way to just register the ammunition. host: let me show our viewers, as you are talking about that, this is the front page from the daily news this morning. the headline -- thanks nra. because of your continued opposition to assault rifle bans, shooters like this lunatic could buy an assault rifle and perpetrate the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. can't get the ammunition to fill the gun, that is a way to stop it. and as far as the muslims and them being in the country, what happens when they get a majority of the vote in a municipality or
8:43 am
a city or a state and they can start changing laws to the way they want them? so. , one oflove somebody the politicians, to contact me about the regulation of the ammunition. there is no federal regulation as far as i know. thanks. host: a few other front pages. the washington post -- islamic k.rorist kills 50 the front page of the reno journal -- proud and brave. people gather at vigils to support the lgbt community. from the des moines register, the front page this morning, carnage resolve. grappling with the deadliest shooting ever. the lgbt community intent with showing "we are not afraid."
8:44 am
eva has been waiting. go ahead. my prayers go out to the families of the shooting victims. sense of killing, it doesn't make sense. i want to try to set the record straight. i keep hearing that this is the worst mass killing in u.s. history. the worst terrorist attack so on and so forth. the worst mass shooting, not terrorist attack. obviously, more were killed in 9/11. caller: what about rosewood and the black wall street? people were killed during those terrorist attacks against african-americans? anyway. it is amazing how when black lives are terrorized, the shooters are categorized as having some mental illness like dylan roof. sandy hook, they tried
8:45 am
mental illness. but when someone is muslim or a middle eastern dissent, they are automatically radical. how did you know they don't have a mental illness on top of that? --omatically, it goes to the goes to that without any thought. ban onto say that the assault rifles needs to happen. he. -- i keep hearing people call in talking about how we overthrow the government. these are generally white males calling in. i can tell by the voice. host: it is hard to make an assumption i the voice. i have it is hard but heard on your radio station, c-span, people threaten violence.
8:46 am
these guys?atching i think everybody needs to be monitored. not only the muslims or terrorists or sympathizers. that has been the reporting so far. that he was born in the united states as a u.s. citizen. nexte taking calls for the hour and 15 minutes. mike has been waiting in oklahoma city. mike, cohead. say, my heart and soul goes on to the people who lost loved ones in this attack. it was tragic. it really was. let's talk about assault rifles for a minute. if the person had walked into that nightclub armed with a shotgun, he would have done more damage then an assault rifle would have thought about doing.
8:47 am
is just a statement of fact and history. also, he was legally authorized to have that gun. i agree or disagree whether he should have had the gun, he was legally authorized to have it. their job, checked him out, he came back with a clear record and maybe that is their fault but he was able to purchase both handguns. from the reporting so far, that does seem to be the case. from abc news, the orlando nightclub shooter legally purchased the guns that he had on him when in the past week even though he was known to law enforcement for years. one enforcement sources told abc news that he had an ar type rifle and a handgun on him at the time of the shooting. legal purchases, as officials confirmed that he had been interviewed three times by the fbi in years leading up to the shooting because his name came up in connection to two different cases. confirmed he was
8:48 am
on the radar but not on a watchlist. on a listring wouldn't have prevented him from obtaining weapons. that was from the abc news reporting on the weapons used in the incident. phone numbers on the screen -- trlando residents, lgb viewers and all others. jimmy is on the line for all others. caller: good morning. first of all, i am sorry to hear about the people and the families, condolences to them. , i have a conceal and carry permit. i want to be able to defend myself. there are manyat places i can't carry it into. if you are able to have your weapon with you in a situation like this, you can protect yourself. i don't agree that everybody should be able to do that but as
8:49 am
a law-abiding citizen. i feel like i should be able to. i want to be able to protect my family. i have grandkids and everything. and as far as the assault weapon, like the guy before me said, i am a hunter. i have a semiautomatic shotgun. and i could tear you apart. the gun, it is the people using the gun. we need to be able to protect ourselves. my community right now, we are being overrun by dope dealers. in some cases, the dope dealers have thrown up firebombs in people's houses because we are trying to run them out of the neighborhoods. 's has happened on occasion. so i want to be able to protect myself. that is why i have a gun owner. my family go in -- i
8:50 am
will let my family go in and i will sit in the car but i will have my phone in case they need me. i am afraid for anything that could happen. host: a lot of people are concerned about the ar-15, the rifle that was used in this semiautomatic. people are wondering why people who hunt or a protection would need this kind of gun. can you answer that question, for people who have that? caller: if you know anything about guns, you know that criminals have the best guns. and so i don't feel that you need to go into the hunting field. one of the only places you need it is for target practice. i don't believe in overthrowing the government even though i don't trust the government. what i believe is that if i have in my house and i am attacks, i will defend myself and my
8:51 am
family. waiting on the line for og in lewisville, texas. dylan, good morning. what is on your mind in the wake of this attack? caller: yes, what i would say , and more50 people than that, although it had to do was rush him and stop him but they must have been a bunch of cowards. move on as opposed to demeaning the people who were killed in the attack. we'll go to mickey on the line for all others. good morning. caller: good morning. hope i can get this out. a lot of people are not sticking story, where the mass shooting apparently a terrorist
8:52 am
situation. they are bringing in the ideas about oh, we have christians that kill and blacks killing each other and we do have all of that. , as a christian, when some nutty person who says they are a christian goes out and kills abortion doctors, it is painful to me. because it puts all christians in that category. in some people's minds. and i'm sure the muslim community is the same way. there must be a lot of pain. because they have to shoulder the acts of this one man. i think if we don't stick to this story -- this is the story.
8:53 am
islam, and attack by we are going to have more, i think that is probably pretty easy to comprehend, their intent .s mass killings and they're going to do it with car bombs or bombs or something. whethernot absolute that type of rifle should be sold or not. but if we don't stick to the issue, we can't solve it. we can't start to instigate different ways. we have to have community awareness. if you had been working with this guy and you heard his anger and his comments, you might have called somebody and said, this sounds like a dangerous guy. we will have to do that. everybody has to do that. everybody has to be aware as i
8:54 am
think we are under attack. i point you to delete editorial in the wall street journal. jihad in orlando is the headline on the lead editorial. distressing truth is that no amount of domestic vigilance can stop every isis inspired act of terror. that is why the only real solution is to destroy the islamic state. legacy president obama's will be that the islamic state crew so dangerous on his watch, prospering in the political vacuum that was created when he chose to withdraw from iraq and do little in syria. the job of the next president will be to repair the damage historichose two mistakes. we will show you some of the other editorials this morning. we have an hour left on the washington journal but i want to focus on your calls. pete, good morning. caller: i am against assault rifles, but hundred percent.
8:55 am
when we had an assault rifle ban in place, we had no mass shootings because people didn't have weapons of mass distraction. now, all of a sudden, the republicans lifted the ban and that is when all of the shootings started. if you have a gun -- i was in the military and i know what these guns can do. it is hard to believe how many bullets they will fire in 30 seconds. you could shoot 100 people in 30 seconds. and people think so, they need them for protection. is strictly for killing. when you are in the service, that is what you are trained to do with that gun. host: we had a caller just now who said he is concerned that the bad guys have the worst weapons. so he wants the best weapons available and that is why he this semiautomatic rifle in his house to protect his family. caller: well, let me tell you something.
8:56 am
if everybody had one of the guns, we would have a civil war going on the country. you cannot fight one another with rifles. it is a military weapon. people protect themselves by being vigilant. i having the police to their jobs. report things that are wrong. when you have this gun, you walk into a movie theater with an ar -- a rifle -- and say, i'm going to protect myself because somebody might come into the movie with an automatic rifle? pistol.beat him with a i've no chance of protecting myself against an automatic rifle. if you were in the military, you know what i'm talking about. we need to get these from the bad guys. how many bad guys have these guns? right now, all the good guys have these. the good guys are carrying these guns and get into bad people's hands because they are careless with them. and that is why we should ban them.
8:57 am
and allow the military to have these guns. not citizens of the united states walking the streets. that is ridiculous. twitter says it is time to bring the weapons background check into the computer age. one more tweet this morning from -- who says, the idea that we should stay out of the middle east is like saying we should have stayed out of not see germany. jeff is in brunswick. you are up next. just calling -- everybody seems to be calling these things assault rifles. this guy used it as an assault so it was an assault rifle. officer, it was a defensive rifle. why do they not call it what it is? saying --are semiautomatic rifle? caller: yes.
8:58 am
understand -- journalists understand language. everybody calls it an assault rifle and we should correct them. it is only an assault because it was used in an assault. host: can you ask lane difference between automatic and semiautomatic? caller: a semiautomatic rifle, every time you squeeze the chamber, another round can be fired. you have to release the trigger to fire another round. with an automatic rifle, you aseeze and as many come out possible. those are illegal in the united states. the ar-15 here is a semiautomatic rifle. caller: exactly. and most hunting guns are semiauto. oswald used -- at almost the same speed with a semiautomatic rifle. so 22's are one pull of
8:59 am
the trigger per shot? ok. that was jeff from ohio. when is in arizona on the line for lgbt viewers. caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call. to express my feelings on the u.s. government. i think that they need to andide much more security assistance in the united states. i think that we need metal the attackers in all of the schools and churches. and nightclubs. i think that we deserve the right to be protected from our government. also, it was interesting to me that the gunman was from the u.s. and that he attended a local mosque. , i feel like some of the things that are in the koran are basically teaching people who go to mosques in the u.s. to kill infidels. and i think that is something
9:00 am
that needs to be addressed through the court. in every state. some of those things that are in the koran actually goes against resolution 1618, the hate crime, speaking out against a person based on their religion or belief. host: we are now in the 9:00 hour here on the east coast. we are talking about this shooting at the pulse nightclub in florida early sunday morning which left 50 dead in the worst mass shooting in u.s. history and flags are at half mast on capitol hill at federal facilities and private facilities around the country to honor the victims of that shooting. -- we began the 7:00 and 8:00 hour reading the names of those victims who have been identified so far, 21 identified on the city of orlando website and more will be added to that
9:01 am
list as the days go by. here are the names of the individuals killed and that it tax who have been i -- in that attack who have been identified so far --
9:02 am
more will be added to that list of the coming hours and days of the is the rest of the victims are named in this attack area we are showing you front pages from around the country. the chicago sun-times --
9:03 am
we are taking your calls and have lines for you this morning. caller: first and foremost, my condolences for the tragedy in florida. all ofough i am against the things like homosexuality, i
9:04 am
still have concerns for human beings and life. disagreement, i think it was a tragedy. i also want to say that i inc. the biggest problem with everything going on in this country and this world starts with our federal government because we dictate to the world. it is wrong that they push off these things that causes these tragedies like trying to force homosexuality on the world. if that's how people will be, that's their business. i don't think they should have pushed this agenda on the world for everyone to be accepting to it. i think that plays a major part in how people are lashing out. host: howdy you mean they push it on people? it was an act of some irresponsible person being able to get in -- to get a gun
9:05 am
and just went ballistic for whatever reason. i think our biggest problem starts with our government and the agenda they push into society and force on people. host: let's go to louisiana on t viewers,or lgbr what's on your mind? i'm trying to compose enougharea it's fortunate what happened in orlando. i am sickened by what happened. always a topic to come up with gun control when it's these mass shootings and i live in the city and i travel around to urban areas and people are over from gun violence,
9:06 am
250 youth in african-american and latino communities killed by gun violence to you don't hear anything -- you cannot legislate morality. any topic that comes up about that, there are hundreds of people across this country being killed by gun violence and no no one talks about that. it seems this is an agenda driven thing. it's not the victim's fault but the politicians always bring up gun control and play on people's emotions and morality. i don't see everybody walking around with ar-15's shooting people down. the other dayered not far from i house and the pizza guy was shot and killed
9:07 am
not too far from where i live. bute are isolated incidents collectively, it's hundreds of people and you don't hear anything about that area i open carry and i don't go out with an attitude. you have a right to protect yourself. it's unfortunate what happened at the club, if they had security, someone could have's had the curate he and prevented something like that. host: we are learning more details about the security that was in place and there are questions that will be looked into in the coming hours and days as the investigation continues. - today's "washington post " charles kaiser attended the white house celebration of lgbt pride month that happened on thursday of last week area you can see the video of the
9:08 am
presidents remarket that event on our website at . we have a special line for lgbt viewers in the wake of that attack at the pulse nightclub in
9:09 am
orlando, florida. chris is waiting on that line. caller: good morning. i would like to say my deepest condolences to the families involved in this tragedy. i would like to say that i am an avid gun owner. i don't walk out the front door of my house without my firearm. , if thisst problem last guy wanted ammunition sales limitations, tell that to our government area a couple of years ago, they bought 7 billion hollowpoint rounds 433 caliber rifle which is illegal in war. they bought those rounds for civil unrest. our own government is arming themselves against the population. we are not allowed to arm ourselves against the violent people that could harm us.
9:10 am
i don't walk out the front or without my ironic. if i have anything to do about --, i won't be a victim. host: do you feel in the wake of this attack that you might be more targeted as an lg bt person? i don't go into the large communities. so i amn a rural area necessarily more protective because i don't leave they will come out here to my area. i live in a rural part of the country. jason is on that line for lgbt viewers. what is your experience like in phoenix city, alabama? caller: my heart goes out to make ady i wanted to
9:11 am
comment on the semi-assault rifle. if you go out to walmart and you buy high point nine millimeter semiautomatic pistol, the assault rifle is a bigger version of a nine millimeter, just a little bit faster. if you want to ban a gun, you can ban the mall. we are the united states of america. let all these people coming to america and things, ig terrorist think we need to keep control and who comes in and whatnot. host: how do you protect against the loan will? from the reporting, the attacker here in the florida nightclub was a u.s. citizen fourth --
9:12 am
born and raised in the united states? herer: if they are born and they have enough connections with any terrorist groups, i don't have a problem with it. there is one that lives down the street from me. just don't see the big deal because iing one gun used the ar-15 223 caliber. host: is the person down the street a muslim? caller: yes, sir. host: in your conversations with him about this ban on how to protect the country, how do those conversations go? he thinks the same thing i do. he said my family and everything, i was born here but my ancestors are muslim.
9:13 am
he says i have not associated with them because i think this is the land of the free which it is. that's jason in phoenix city, alabama. from maryland, good morning. caller: good morning, how are you and thank you for having me on. incondolences to the folks orlando. that was a sad situation. every time this issue comes up, politicians and everyone else want to ban a gun. a gun is no more different than a knife area it's not going to work if you ban it and it's not an assault rifle. no semiautomatic rifle area different than a nine millimeter with a different clip and different distance. that's all it is. add guyslike all the can always get guns but all the good guys can almost always never get guns. to me, this does not make any
9:14 am
sense. there is no such thing as a lone wolf. terrorist.y just a get too caught up in these terms? caller: absolutely, i grew up in the region. born here but i spent 12 years of my life out of the country. there are people who are just a violent and this guy made the decision and justified it in his mind that he needed to kill 50 people and hurt another 53. subhuman and is not understand the value of life the tool does not have a
9:15 am
mind of its own. on the issue of categorizing these attacks, the aderholt -- the editorial board of usa today takes that on. we will get back to your calls in just a second. we have been hearing from viewers all morning. we are getting their reaction to
9:16 am
that shooting at the orlando pulse nightclub. in floridabring congressman david jolly on the phone who represents the 13th district in florida in clearwater. good morning to you, sir and thank you for taking the time. when you come to capitol hill this morning, what is the conversation going to be like? week that wes a mourn together as a nation, as americans, not republicans and democrats. pray god'sber and blessings on those we lost we pray for the ones who are left behind. as a country, we resolved to make sure this never happens again and that requires laying down the partisanship and coming together on solutions to protect the safety and solution of every
9:17 am
community around the country. host: howdy you do that? what are the solutions people can come together on? the paper talks about people automatically retreating to their political corners and even hours after this event occurred? guest: and they should not do so when we should not let political leaders position themselves on either side of the aisle. we know there are two policy lanes we have to look at. the first is security. what are we doing to surveillance individuals to reflect homegrown terror in all 50 states. one individual can cause harm and take the life of 50 individuals in the name of a radical, perverted branch of a religion founded in these areas how do we address surveillance and law enforcement? how do we address personal liberty? that's one area we know the debate over guns will come up again. secondwe protect the
9:18 am
amendment right of all individuals with reasonable most to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists? those are the policy debates we need to have area we need to have those not as republicans and democrats. if they say the agenda on this, what is the legislation you put forward that might the able to be passed? guest: what does law enforcement need? they need to increase surveillance and vetting of agents of homegrown terror, april who are born here protect their personal liberties and ensure that we have a proper look into the lives and that 70's and coordination of those who wish to do harm. guns as aue
9:19 am
republican, i would turn to our local law enforcement officials are you our shares and police chiefs across the country and say you lead this dialogue you in the wake of san bernardino and paris and now orlando, i said with my local police chiefs and sheriff and ask what they think. where are the vulnerabilities? as republicans, local law enforcement understand and believe in protecting the second amendment so they are the right borges to balance the individual protection with reasonable regulations and fix the soft spots. host: one of our earlier callers was from the orlando area and said he first heard about the shooting when he was in church. it was a thought normal shooting and only a couple of people had been killed on us that it a night. then he went home and found out more from the news and found that it was something different.
9:20 am
is there such a thing as a normal shooting in this country anymore? does that say something about this country? guest: there shouldn't be a normal shooting. shooting that occurred and was waged in the name of the war that agents of terror, isis sympathizers have declared on the united states. we face a security threat not because of handgun violence but because of a terror organization that has waged war and wants to destroy the west and the united states. we cannot forget that was the motive for the acts of that gentle man on sunday. out these agents of terror on their land. here and makeose sure this does not happen again. then let's have a gun debate. i come down on the side of the second amendment but there is --
9:21 am
if there is a way to improve our gun laws, let's do that as americans. we mourn together this week as americans. there is some reporting this morning that democratic senator bill nelson from florida said it's time for the u.s. to declare war on isis. do you agree? guest: i do. i don't think the president has done enough. i have begged of the president to do more. we must to feed the agents of terror overseas and here in our homeland. they are attacking the freedoms upon which our nation was founded. they are attacking people who believe in the freedoms of the west. look at what they did in paris at a nightclub where alcohol is consumed and a sporting event. lgbtn orlando in an nightclub. they will continue to attack the freedoms of the weston a
9:22 am
perverted way that is not reflect the broad religious principles. they have perverted all of the principles of faith teachings across the doctrines of they. host: -- of faith. who have the viewers young children and are struggling to explain what happened in florida at that nightclub, what is your advice? guest: there are people in this world who wish to do harm to us it is the responsibility of political leadership to make decisions to keep us safe and if the responsibility of every american that as we mourn for those lost and their families, we should recognize this is an american issue, not a political issue. we must reject political leaders who take us down the road of division and say we will stand united area we will stand united
9:23 am
with families and individuals loss in orlando and stand united in protecting our security as americans are you if we fail to do so, it will have squandered the very freedom that generations of men and women have fought to protect for us. this is now the task we have before us and we will overcome because we always do. host: thanks for taking the time to join us this morning. guest: good morning and god bless you. host: we have about 35 minutes or so left on our program today. we are turning it over to you to state your reaction and your thoughts on this shooting at the pulse nightclub in orlando, florida. --m our line for lgbt good morning and thank you for taking my call.
9:24 am
private practice. perhaps homophobia and the republican agenda. many people, especially republicans are saying it was not a terror attack. the bottom-line is it was terrorizing and yet the reality is that many of us believe that it was a hate crime. lgbt people often have by curious conversations and those victims and their loved ones, my heart goes out to all of those individuals. themeality is that many of
9:25 am
could be facing posttraumatic stress disorder. , lgbt people are in a traumatization. i wanted to share. if somebody is and arecing that concerned about safety of these clubs, what is your recommendation? obviously, get treatment first because quite often, people will be triggered when there is a mass shooting like this and there is trauma so it's good to get treatment they need to get support from it therapist.
9:26 am
settinge aware of the you are entering. unsafe, there may be a reason why you feel that way. we also have a line for orlando residents area we want to know what you are waking up to. nancy is on that line. how far are you from the nightclub? caller: i am five minutes away from the pulse nightclub. host: what is the scene where you are? caller: it's very gloomy and dim and people went to sticking to r houses. it's really sad. we go out to the hearts of the people who have suffered. statement about
9:27 am
what might jolly said. he is correct. host: the congressman? caller: yes, we are at war and it's a shame. we need to close our borders. yes, we can help by getting control of guns but if we do not close our borders and start alienating these people as one study how said, and they're supposed to be killing everyone and that does not fit -- the koran does not fit into our civilization in the west. can you take me back to early yesterday morning where you are in orlando? what was the scene like and how did you learn about it after mark caller: there were helicopters and everything was going on. and everybodyn was on lock everybody was afraid to go where i live.
9:28 am
running in and out. when i started seeing on the news the people lined up, i don't understand, there are apparently muslims who have turned from the koran. iphone and taking pictures of people in line at the blood bank. people should look into her or other people who are islamic and running around. if they are so proud, why don't they come out in the open? are you calling for more surveillance on the muslim community in america? caller: everything, not just muslims. we have the kkk and we need to close the borders and unfortunately, obama needs to do
9:29 am
the right way. withs had three chances other attacks and he has not really addressed the situation. we are in islamic war. they are here and we have people who were born and raised here. toever, if they do not want coincide with our modern western freeway of life, they need to be eliminated. harold is in missouri, good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i have a small comment. my heart goes out to the families of those people who is killed. -- who was killed. every time something like this
9:30 am
obama, thellary and first thing they say is take our guns. when you apply for a gun permit, it goes straight to the fbi. the fbi has three different opportunities to check his man. he even got a license for a security guard. how could this happen? talk about dropping the ball. if they don't and forced the laws that they already have, how are they going to enforce mall laws -- more laws? hillary and obama should be ashamed and they are giving it right back to donald trump. my heart goes out to the people who were killed. it was a soft target an opportunity and they knew this man was being radicalized. that's all i got to say. -- it'se other story the reaction from the council on
9:31 am
arabic/islamic relations. that group came out with a statement yesterday after the attack.
9:32 am
otto is waiting in florida, good morning. are you with us? we don't seem to have him so we will go to germany and in pennsylvania on the lgbt line. i am listening to the program this morning and finding my fellow gay people are turning into bigots against all muslim people. they have freedom of religion as well. i don't find most look muslim people to be violent or hateful. i am more scared of some of my neighbors in the country because they drive around with their big confederate lags.
9:33 am
that's an aggressive stance against black people and minorities. is horrible what happened but we cannot turn into what we hate host:. chance to attend the vigils that happened yesterday? no, i live in the country and we are kind of where around here. does weird around here. there are times on the street where people will yell out faggot and stuff like that when i went to school. it's not much different than what isis is doing. differentg to make is like any other minority. as soon as you dehumanize people, it's easier to kill them. if you had a chance to talk to that member of congress we just had on or the folks meeting here later today when
9:34 am
the house and senate come in, what would be your message to those folks? many are looking to move legislation in wake of the tragedy yesterday. caller: i don't know, it's hard. people are going to kill people whether they have guns are not. at the same time, if he has been looked into by the f ei twice, i don't understand why he was able to legally purchase the guns he did before he killed these people. i think there should be a balance between protecting but if they are radical islamic terrorists or right wing kkk members, i think there be showed some -- there should be some sort of way to monitor people better or something. host: a few more tweets from viewers --
9:35 am
columbus, ohio on the line for lgbt viewers. caller: good morning. i have heard of his -- a lot of islam a phobia and people saying we need to close the borders and we need to expel muslims. i want to remind people that in addition to all of these people who were murdered, we cannot ignore that there are lgbt
9:36 am
muslims who have been killed because they are lgbt. i have seen so much support from the muslim community even before this. i have seen them at pride and marching with us. at various events. i do not think this is a muslim problem. this is an isis problem. next when you march in the pride month celebration, will it be different? caller: yes, it will be different in that i will be looking over my back. but i want different be loving those that i love whether or not a are muslims. do you think the first part of that will ever go away or the second? caller: i will always be looking
9:37 am
over my back area many people in the lgbt community have always looked over their back. there is nothing that could ever keep me from loving my muslim brothers and sisters. host: thank you for the call. edward has been waiting in louisiana, you are onthe "washington journal." yes, i was in the army at the time the m-16 was brought into the army inventory in the early 60's. i recall what our commander said. cautioned us about making everything that keep the m-16 rifle
9:38 am
from winding up in the civilian community. time that this weapon is for a war situation. this weapon is for killing. citizens.for private each and every time i hear about where aion like this, lot of people got killed in this person had an assault weapon, i think about what that commander said all those many years ago this to getlowing
9:39 am
into hands of the civilian community. that weapon is made for a wartime situation. it's made for killing. that's what it's made for. with or to go hunting kill an animal. assault host: what would you say to the caller who said it is a weapon made for protecting his family? weaponsthere are other you can get to protect your family. as i remember what that commander said, if we had never
9:40 am
allowed the assault weapon to get into the civilian community, we would not have to worry about a large number of people being killed. it would have never surfaced. had weapons when i was growing up. we had shot guns and rifles and small rifles. the military is the one that should have the assault weapons host: area we will go to julia on the line lgbt viewers. morning, i am calling because i read an interesting article and i don't recall where i read it. article was about, in iran
9:41 am
they pay for transgender operations. contrary that isis, there is a dichotomy within that community. i feel people should have a right to have arms. i don't believe in assault weapons and i don't know why they are for sale. host: what is an assault weapon? how do you define it? glocks - who, needs that to kill a deer? host: you are talking about the handgun? caller: yes. i don't believe they are necessary. they are very deadly. i am not sure what that man was
9:42 am
carrying in florida. host: finish your thought. caller: what he was carrying in lord a look like an assault weapon. how did he get his hands on assault weapon? 223 assaultr-15 rifle and there is more information that will come out. we will continue to bring you details as that happens. we want to get as many of your comments in today the day after the tragedy in florida and give you a chance to react and talk about what's on your mind. rachel from taxes, good morning. caller: i am going to remind everyone that a bill that was passed this year that anyone on the watchlist that we have can buy guns.
9:43 am
the people are calling in and -- did you hear me? host: yes, ma'am. caller: people called in and said if they had a gun in the club, they could defend themselves. alcohol and guns do not mix. anybody with common sense knows that. when this happens, gun sales goes up because the nra has people convincing people that their guns will be taken. there is too many guns out there for the government to come in and take everybody's gun. it's to boost sales. we just need logic. that when understand you have a gun, you should be responsible. assault rifle, i have no idea why anybody needs an assault rifle.
9:44 am
if the claim is to defend their family, that's crazy. you do not have control of those guns when you are start -- when you start firing and you could kill a family member. host: a few more front pages to show you -- the front page of "the globe and mail" out of canada - to the front page of "the dallas morning news" - this is out of "the philadelphia inquirer" -
9:45 am
few more calls. sandusky, ohio on the line for lgbt viewers. what's on your mind? caller: i would like to say my thoughts and prayers go out to those people in orlando. what happened was a shame and it should not have happened. i believe in places where we are not allowed to carry firearms and other should be a security guard there with a firearm. host: turned down the volume on your television and keep talking. i believe that people should start realizing that if you are allowed to carry a firearm, you should carry want to protect yourself. the police to everything they can to protect us but, at some point, they will not be there all the time we need them. lexus in's go to a
9:46 am
lansing, michigan on the line for lgbt viewers. caller: good morning, i find that everyone keeps talking about how he was a muslim. he was but the big problem i have seen even in my community is everyone is blaming the muslims. it's not a muslim issue. it's a hate crime. things on this scale, there are still lgbt members every day at are getting bullied and killed for just being themselves back fromed to step the fact that it was a muslim who happened to do it. just because a radical muslim said he devotes himself to isis and that's why i did this, it does not mean it's not a hate crime. i feel that's getting lost in all of this. it is a hate crime. gets more rights and we
9:47 am
go through the process of getting the rights the same when way that women suffrage as did and black people dead, it's like desegregation all over again. more,eople are coming out friends and family are coming out. it's hard. host: what does this mean in the wake of the day marriage victory for the lgbt community and such a happy moment for that community, not too long after that, this. caller: i feel it's an attack on that. not goingely, this is to be the last attack we see. when desegregation happened,
9:48 am
there were attacks like this on them. it is similar. there are similar factors going that when ongbt during the black movement. and the women suffrage movement. i feel like people keep looking at the fact that he is muslim and not the back that this is an attack on the lgb t community and it's a hate crime and should be looked at that way. could it be an active terror and an active hate at the same time? caller: i think we can but i ininitely think that journalism, they look at it more as an active terrorism and hate especially with the hotlines i have seen -- headlines i have seen.
9:49 am
people are looking at it as more of an active terror. active terror -- active hate is the headline of "the washington post."
9:50 am
mike is waiting from lebanon, new jersey, good morning. caller: let's get something clear, let's make the people who should be accountable for these deaths not only in florida but tennessee, 9/11, boston marathon -- that is george bush junior, barack obama, and hillary clinton. they are the ones who have evoke wars in the middle east to build their empires with saudi arabia sunni muslims want to overthrow every regime in the world. that's what we have libya for and why we have syria and iraq and we have been supporting that for their financial goals. is this a call to not get
9:51 am
engaged in what's happening overseas? first duty of the president of the united states of the united states and the leaders of this country is to protect the security and peace of the american people. this war on terrorism was an empire building fiasco. maintain terrorism to the funding and rape of our treasury. now we see how they tried to hide the fact that these are not against our values. these are revenge murders and killings by the islamic radicals supported by arab that he's from saudi arabia. audrey is waiting in tampa, florida. caller: good morning to you. i disagree with that guy. you have crazy people out there. you cannot keep politicizing these things. host: tell me what happened in
9:52 am
tampa yesterday in the wake of the attack in orlando? were their vigils in tampa? outer: people were sending their condolences across this eight including here in tampa. you participate or will participate in any of the vigils? caller: no, i'm not able to participate due to responsibilities. i sympathize with any lives that were lost. regardless of what they stand for. one of the first things that is the media in america and across the world needs to stop putting these guys
9:53 am
faces all over the television. we are only handing them the notoriety they were looking for. the next crazy one who thinks like them will think that this is the way the world will see might race. blur their faces. we don't need to see these things. stop giving them the notoriety. stop doing that. host: time for a few more calls. we have line for orlando residents lgbt viewers and all others. we have spent our entire three hours of the program this morning getting your reaction to the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. david is an arkansas on the line for lgbt viewers. caller: good morning.
9:54 am
i want to give my condolences to the families who have been affected by the shooting. it has been said and cannot be said enough. it's a tragedy, what happened. one of the things i want to point out is that you have the classic debate to get rid of the guns and increase security. thatpeople don't realize if you're going to try to increase security with metal detectors or have more security officers, where is the money going to come from? it's going to have to come from possibly raising taxes and most people don't want their taxes raised even for themselves. i believe it needs to be a collaboration of people who ,arry their concealed permits
9:55 am
volunteer citizens who are willing to stand their ground and respond when an incident like this happens as well as risk police and law enforcement. there has to be a collaboration and that's something we have been lacking as of late especially with things like ferguson. there is negativity on that aspect are. we need to come together more than try to segregate more. there was some reporting thatrday about statements the suspect bus father made that and hader was shocked recently expressed anti-gay sentiments and that the attack at nothing to do with religion and that was according to the father.
9:56 am
he was shocked by seeing two men kissing recently. what is your reaction to those state wants from the killer's father? regardless of whether it was for religion or hate crimes or because they had a wild hair mightir butt, the reasons change but the issue still remains the same. it has been the same since columbine. it's individuals who feel the need to go out and kill. there needs to be that collaboration of the response time. weise -- united we stand in divided we fall and now we are the most divided we have ever been as a nation. regardless of the reason, we need to be able to come together to fight this. it's ridiculous. it has become way too common all
9:57 am
these shootings. in brazil,anie is indiana. do you think we are the most divided we have ever been as a nation? gentlemando and that addressed my statement. we are the most divided. they are taking christian unity and got away from our country and it's ridiculous. i believe this was half terrorism and half hate crime. to takernment wants everything away from us. host: what is your fix for this? is there one? caller: i don't know if i have one. i don't think there is. i consider myself christian and go to the church and believe in the bible but at the same time, i have two sons who are they and i love them and they are people
9:58 am
and i may not support their way but i love them just the same. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] lgbte line host: four community. caller: the first thing i want to say is that there is a vigil tonight and los angeles city hall at 7:00 p.m. man may havelim told the trigger but it is religious people whether it's any fundamentalist ridge and -- religion that paints themselves as the victim, she was not the victim and neither were christians. any time whether it's christian or muslim or orthodox jews, anytime you preach hate against a group of people like lgbt people, that is poisonous.
9:59 am
this young man may have shot a lot of people but the poison coming out of faith leaders and talking about eliminating and how lesbian and gay people are what moved that gun but the hate has to stop. do you plan to is being of his vigil tonight? don't think i will be speaking but i have helped organize the vigil. there will be hundreds all over the country. people have to get on facebook and look for we are people must not blameless young man alone. when you send out poisonous things about our community, you help load the gun and that is sad. you cannot live a life of hate if you're christian or jewish or muslim. start talking about a god of love, and not of hating us. gustavocaller: i just want to t
10:00 am
about the whole situation in florida. people, tong on with hate people because of what they believe or how they feel. we need to be more accepting. this situation in florida is very sad. we need to come together as , not tond be united politicize the situation, and , but come up blame with ways to help each other and ways to be in


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